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  • 1. You must make your own personal youtube channel (it can be priavte)
  • 2. You must upload your test video to your tube channel
  • 3. You must upload your youtube test video URL link to our portal
  • 4. You must be wearing your official Cyber Kicks Academy Uniform in Your Test Video To Be Eligible To Test.
  • 5. You must Follow Along with Video Lesson #17 Of Each Rank As This Video Lesson Is The Cyber Sensei Taking YOU Thorugh YOUR Official Exam.

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  • 1. You will be notified By Email if YOU Pass or Need Improvements.
  • 2. You will be give personal instructor feed back on all Exams on what YOU did good and what you need to improve on to be better!
  • 3. If YOU Pass, you will be able to download YOUR Official Certification (members only) In YOUR Testing Portal Profile. Visit The Pro Shop to Order YOUR new Belt!
  • 4. If YOU Need Improvement, YOU Will Be Notified By E-Mail what You need to improve on so that you can reset again.
  • 5. If you need improvements on your exam,you would have to resubmit your exam URL Link and pay the tuition for your private exam agian